Clyde Valley Region


BISHOPBRIGGS - THE HUB, Wester Cleddens Road. Bishopbriggs was once a little place all on its lonesome on Glasgow's north side, but it has now been swallowed up by the big city. The Hub is run by Woodhill Evangelical Church, and has been recommended by soupslurper Betty. It is open between 9am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday, and has two freshly made soups on from an impressive range that includes, 'Spicy Parsnip', 'Mushroom', 'Minestrone', 'Sweet Potato and Roast Pepper', 'Scotch Broth', 'Carrot and Coriander', or 'Tomato and Basil'. 'I think you will be hard pushed to find a cafe that sells better fare than this and at very competitive prices,' says Betty. If my memory serves me well, there is a golf course in Cadder, near Bishopbriggs, so this may be a perfect opportunity to play a round of golf and wolf down some pretty good soup.

- AND RELAX, 70b Greenock Road. A coffee shop recommended by Iris and Ian for making 'traditional homemade soups' like 'Lentil', 'Broth', 'Ministrone', 'Chicken', 'Carrot and Orange', or 'Leek and Potato'. I have to say that I am always intrigued by 'Broth'. It is a term that gives little away as to the ingredients used. Perhaps it's like a soupslurper's equivalent of a lucky-bag or a bowl of mystery, which sounds like a good idea to me. I think each place should have a mystery soup, one where you have to guess what's in it, and maybe get a prize, like a free car or a second bowl of soup.

GLASGOW - THE CITY PATIO, West Nile Street. Another recommendation from Patricia. Similar soup as in The Patio above, although the 'Lentil' is a best seller with litres being sold every day. Patricia reckons a decent bowl of homemade soup should always be served with a buttered roll and a smile. This has got me a-thinking... I wonder if anyone dunks their roll in the soup in the same way that folk dunk biscuits in mugs of coffee...hmm... any soup dunkers out there? What are the best rolls or bread for dunking and how long can we reasonably expect a dunk to last before it all falls to bits? These are the questions that us soupslurpers need answers to. Perhaps it's time schools introduced a new course: 'Soupslurping - Everything You Need To Know'.

- MA'AMS  DELI, Cumbernauld Road, Dennistoun. Recommendation here from soupslurper, Angela. They have varieties like, 'Lentil with Ham and Potato' or 'Chicken Noodle', which are said to be 'like the soup your mammy used to make, it sticks to your ribs.'

- MACPHEE'S, 869 Govan Road, and Paisley Road West. This a recommendation from soupslurper Kate. McPhee's appears to be a fast-food takeaway sort of business that has a number of branches, the Paisley Road West branch being opposite Bellahouston Park. According to Kate, they 'sell fantastic home made soup every day.' Their range is awesome, with varieties like, 'Lentil', 'Chicken Broth', 'Pea and Ham', 'Minestrone', 'Potato and Leek', 'Scotch Broth', 'Yellow Split Pea', 'Chicken and Sweetcorn', 'Chicken and Rice' (must be a few folk from Ayrshire in the area), along with creamy soups made with either Broccoli or Tomato or Cauliflower or Mushroom or Lettuce... now there's a new one on me: 'Cream of Lettuce'... hmm, I'll have to try that. Thank you to Kate for that comprehensive list.

- NANCY'S TAKEAWAY, Carmyle Avenue. A recommendation from a soupslurper who has no name. He apparently stumbled on the shop by mistake and thought it 'was probably better than most places in the West End.' Not sure if it's a sitty-in job or only takeaway. If anyone knows, please let us know.

- THE PATIO, Elderslie Street. Soupslurper, Patricia, reckons this is the place to go. 'The girls are busy every morning making homemade soup on a daily basis due to great demand. There is always a choice each day which varies from, 'Potato and Leek', to 'Carrot and Coriander', 'Ministrone and Meatballs' and 'Lentil'.'

STRATHAVEN - COUNTRY BAKE COFFEE SHOP, Strathaven Rural Centre, Whiteshawgate, Hamilton Road. Prize for this year's very long address. Soupslurper Marion spilled the beans here. She reckons that everything served here 'is of the highest quality'. 'Today's soup menu consisted of lentil and broccoli and cauliflower, all made on the premises.' Not sure if that's three different soups or one tantalising blend, but whatever, it all sounds good to me.

WEMYSS BAY - SEAVIEW CAFE. 'Run by an exceptionally friendly Italian family and is directly opposite the Wemyss Bay/Rothesay ferry terminal. It is a traditional style cafe (where have they all gone?) serving excellent meals and snacks and home baking to die for. There is always a choice of at least two and sometimes as many as four soups daily. The quality and choice is excellent. I am sure if visited by you or your staff it would be well worth a 3 hippos award.' Bryan.